Why Intelligent Process Mining

  • Streamline business processes by identifying system bottlenecks and implementing technologies that address and improve human error, automation, simplification, and consolidation.
  • Real-time visibility into your most valuable business processes enables you to take corrective measures.  From a process mining standpoint, this is done by examining the event log structure which is comprised of three key elements (Case ID, Activity Name, and Time Stamp) which are readily available on many different ERP systems. With these details in hand, your organization can review Key Process Indicators (KPIs) such as costs – profit optimization, cash flow, process transparency, team efficiency, and product analysis. To add more granularity from a process standpoint, process mining can also dive deeper using Process Performance Indicators (PPIs). Read more about the benefits of process mining here. 
  • The U.S. and Europe are the two largest process mining markets, where the European market is the biggest at 48%, but the North American market has a massive growth rate of 200%.
  • Gartner, Inc. projects that globally in 2021, the RPA (Robotic Process Administration) software market will reach $2 billion, up almost 20% from 2020. 
  • The Covid-19 pandemic has forced businesses of all sizes including enterprise organizations to run leaner than ever before. Implementing and executing an intelligent process mining solution and strategy provides firms with a powerful tool to do just that.
  • Process mining solutions and more advanced applications such as robotic process administration and artificial intelligence can be applied to any industry. This includes manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, medicine, healthcare, public sector, logistics, sales, tourism, and services. 
  • 60-70% growth in the process mining software market, year-over-year and will triple by 2022 states the Everest Group. Imagine what kind of growth we would have had in this area if Covid-19 didn’t exist.
  • Businesses and supply chains have never seen a pandemic of this proportion where many have applied a reactive approach rather than a proactive strategy that could have saved them.  

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